Lol, okay so the guys who have known me for some time know that I get obsession swings just like my mood swings, so I get seriously fangirly about something different practically every week... well here's some stuff I have just discovered and am now hooked on (until the next thing comes along):

1. Eddie Izzard

This is my new very favouritest comedian ever. Even more than Russel Brand. For seriously. Go watch Dress To Kill for a good example of his fabulousness X3

2. The Cab

I so doubted these guys when I first heard of them. But now I've promised someone a fic (working title: The League of Extraordinary Alexes ft. Alex Suarez lol) so I did my research and whoa. They are even cuter and dorkier than Brendon on Uppers. And they sound good! (although it's a bit Jonas Bros-y)

3. Mikey Way's Comic Debut

*does not have picture*

But guys! Guys! He's doing Batman for DC's Halloween Special! Batman as a Vampire! *squees*

Hay eventful week! How ya doin'?

*I have just signed up to take A-level Art, Physics and English. I have no idea what the hell I was thinking when I chose Physics, since I only barely passed my O-level, but what's done is done I guess... So, back to school in two weeks or so. I probably sound like a complete nerd but I can't wait.

*I am also creating a board game with my little brother (he is the Mikey to my Gerard, for seriously. We would get married if we could :D) based off of this only our version has the players as bands and they have to go around the board collecting instruments and fighting "monsters" like an angry manager and a groupie who's really a man and a zombie support group XD I will post photos as soon as it's done I swear!

*I have gone everywhere since saturday with a scarf tied around my knee and I even drew a little star on my cheek yesterday. I think I have Bill-Beckett-symdrome. This is because of Fast Times At Barrington High, which is the best album ever.

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Oh, Jesus. 

I am going to write a comic!fic. It will have Gerard's drawing's coming to life and wrecking apocalyptic havoc, Ray fixing everything, Mikey being asleep and Frank being cute. Only problem is, if you were Gerard, how would you get rid of a world-ending army of zombie-robot vampires? 

Hospital-Gee Drabble

Gerard stumbles into Emergency with Mikey’s arms round his shoulders. Collapses on the floor, empties his guts on the tiles while someone (could be Mikey again) talks to the doctor or nurse or whoever the fuck those slippered-feet belong to. He blinks tears down his cheeks, unashamed, unaware, and barely notices when he’s yanked up into a wheelchair.
There’s an eternity of brightly-lit corridor punctuated only by the nurse’s heavy footsteps, heavy breathing, Gerard’s getting motion-sickness just staring at the doors going past and he’s just ready to throw up again when they stop and then he’s on a bed.
Stretched out, sleeve pushed up, a needle stuck through his skin before he can even blink. He screams, in pain but mostly terror, because god, oh god, needles and Mikey’s there again, materialized beside him and stroking his hair. Someone asks a lot of questions in a language that Gerard should understand but doesn’t and then it’s back on the wheelchair, back out into those endless tunnels.
He has another moment of mindless fear when one door opens and there is only darkness beyond, a tiny spot of light on the nurses’ desk at the very end of this nightmare, and he almost screams again… but by then they’re inside that spot of light and there’s a woman helping him gently into another bed and he struggles a bit against the pain and nausea and exhaustion, because he knows what horrifying things they may do to him if he can’t stop them, blood and scalpels and organs and more blood appearing in his mind’s eye. He sees the catheter stuck in his arm and vomits again, all over the sheets, before blacking out against his will.
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      Okaay, so I stay up till 6 in the morning on Sunday(from 2am) to watch the VMAs only to find out my little sister should have been watching them instead. I mean, Hannah Montana, The Jonas Brothers, Drake and Josh aaand guys from High School Musical?! Everyone either had cleavage twice the size of their brains, was underage or black... no wonder we have no decent music these days (NB I am not racist I just hate rap, just like any self-respecting rocker) And Pete was sickeningly cute. Not in a good way, either. All that being said, I am totally straight for Russel Brand *eyes light up with little hearts in*

      Overcome by a huge sense of OMG-I'm-too-young-to-work-a-full-time-job-I-am-not-middle-aged-yet-you-bastards I have decided to go to Higher Secondary. For all you foreigners, I have no idea what that is but probably college... I'm going to get A-levels, anyway. Which means, yay, school again! I am a huge nerd tbh.

      I really want to write future!fic where they're all, like, fifty and have grey hair and rush aroung chasing each other's kids and stuff... maybe Pete/ Patrick with Joe happily married with kids, or Brendon/ Ryan with Jon being the straight one, or you get the idea. I'm putting it off for now though, cause I always think that type of fic is really sad so you guys'll have to wait till I'm feeling more depressed before I type it up.


          This is seriously, seriously the. Funniest. Thing. Since me and my brother spent a whole evening putting on old-man-cowboy voices and pretending to tell stories about the wild west (which had crossdressing!Bill Beckett, Sherrif!Toro-thighs, the Way brothers who didn't actually do anything except hang around looking emo in black stetsons and killing people's rattlesnakes, Brendon as that-piano-playing-guy-in-the-bar, ect... I see a fic in there somewhere but I'm too lazy to write it).

>.> A LINK. YOU CAN HAS IT. Now run along and pls to stop thinking I've gone off the deep end D:
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